The Miracle Formulation and it’s different uses

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This formula is primarily an immune system booster. It is used to give your system a boost when you feel like you are “coming down with something”. The rest of the suggested uses come from clients that have used this formula for many years. This bottle will last you at least 2yrs or more depending on use.

Medicinal properties: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, antiseptic….

At the first sign of a cold or flu:

Put couple of drops in the palm of your hand. Rub directly on neck, chest, and nape and then rub

both hands together, put over your nose and INHALE, INHALE AND INHALE for at least 30 seconds !

If you already have a cold, are congested and lungs need healing:

Boil water in a pot with a tight lid and put 1 drop in water, close lid rapidly, Put a towel over your head and your head over the pot, open lid and inhale. Repeat 6-8 times adding 2-3 drops each time.

For people who suffer from asthma, steam inhalations are not recommended. So instead, put 2-3 drops on a folded paper tissue and unfold to inhale. Keep tissue in a sealed plastic bag and carry around to inhale throughout the day.

You can then refresh the tissue by adding more drops.

On the airplane:

Avoid catching the bacteria and germs that ride along with you on your trips.

Apply as above as soon as you get settled in the plane. Can also apply one drop on a small piece of toilet paper to wipe toilet seats and sit comfortable without worrying about catching anything on your thighs.

Toe fungus, athlete’s foot, ringworm or any fungal skin condition:

Apply 1 drop under nail if possible. Also helpful to soak feet, by putting 2-3 drops in 1TBS of any

vegetable oil and add this mix to a warm foot bath. This will require patience and consistency

if this condition has been present for a long time.

Any type of cut or wound to the skin: 

Apply 1 drop directly on abrasion and keep your finger there for about 30 seconds to let it penetrate.

Household cleanser:

Add 2 drops to warm soapy water to completely kill any germs, bacteria, fungus around the house.

I put one drop on toilet paper and wipe the toilet seats whenever I travel.

Skin Piercings:

To completely avoid infection when piercing the skin, ear piercing or other, use one drop on

affected area 2-3 times a day for quick healing without infection.

Muscle ache relief:   

One client tells me she uses her Miracle formulation on tight and sore muscles with wonderful relief.

Pets’ coat:

This formula has helped many pet owners whom pet’s had skin problems.

Apply directly on open wounds, or make a mix of a few drops in soapy water and wash pet with it.

Use for children: For cuts and wounds 1 drop can be applied as above for everything else it’s important

to dilute the formula before applying or by applying first on yourself and use what is left on your hands

to use on the child. Avoid babies altogether.

If you come up with other discoveries, please share them with us. Enjoy !

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