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“All I can say is I love this sh-t so much. I am a total believer (of SkinCarealaCarte products) and if you’re looking to try something new, then seriously, give this stuff a go.”

                                                                                                            ~ Sasha Tong

Excerpt from:

Fleur d’oranger organic blossoms  has been in operation since 1993 and the product line is now online under the website … (hey I just realized it’s been 20 years!)

Twenty years spent constantly researching, studying, experimenting and investing in the best possible ingredients for the most simple & effective natural/organic skin care line; so you can imagine what an incredible honor it is to finally be recognized.

Sasha Tong, who has hosted on MTV and eTalk, discovered my little shop in Mexico while vacationing, purchased my products, loved them and shared it with her readers.

Now with the site gaining popularity, I do my best to stay in touch with women who have questions or need specially customized products, while making sure your orders are shipped super quickly. Most of you I’m sure can testify to the fact that you do not sit and wait very long for your products…even when the shipping is free!

Yes, once in awhile there is a sweet deal waiting for you…whether it’s FREE SHIPPING, saving up to 43$ on the Fabulous Four complete skin care regime and other goodies.

You will receive such deals when you open our newsletter which goes out about once a month.

So, hope to see your names pop up on our site, wishing you a great summer and remember, I always have time to answer your questions!

   Veroushka c.a.m.t.
Fleur d’oranger
o  r  g  a  n  i  c    b  l  o  s  s  o  m  s

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