Firming Therapy 1oz

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Firming Therapy 1oz


A very silky facial cream that melts right into the skin pores to provide a quick application of the medicinal plan extracts.

The formula contains marine derived Collagen/Elastin, Seaweed, Vitamin A from the seed of carrot and natural Vitamin E.

The formula of essences or medicinal plant extracts is created to help firm the skin and the rest of the formula is created to encourage elasticity and provide moisture.

This product lasts 8-9 months depending on use.

Here is what people say about this product. Please leave your comments below.

"You were absolutely right. I love your skin products!!! After visiting Sayulita and buying sandals and your skin products, I have used them every day and have seen significant improvement in my skin texture and toning. Now I think my neck needs something! Anyway, I want to know how I can get more from you. I am interested in the Rose hydrolat, the Neroli hydrolat, the Hydratant visage, the Rejuvenating Night Serum and the firming therapy.

"Fleur d'oranger/Veroushka
I've been faithfully using my facial products since my return and love them… especially the firming therapy…I am becoming addicted to the smell

"Hello Veroushka!
I have been using your products for just over one week now. I wanted to tell you how much I love the firming therapy cream and the eye cream. My face feels so great after I apply them and the firm feeling lasts all day. I have been putting it on my neck and can see a significant tightening there as well. I also have been using the Detox One, following your instructions. I like it very much. I have been telling all my friends about your products and have shared your web site with them.
~M from Alberta"

"Hi Veroushka,
Back in full swing, but what's up with this weather, - 8 and snowing? By the sounds of it we are in for a cold winter --- thank god for hot flashes Just want to thank you for the awesome face products, absolutely the best, especially the firming therapy, and I love my fairy shoes (you would not believe the compliments I got when I wore them).
~DS from Victoria"

"Hello Veruschka!
I visited your shop in Sayulita in January, I bought a lovely pair of hand-made sandals with brown and burnt orange color and some of your firming therapy cream, which I love so much that my little jar is nearly all gone! You were very kind in explaining about how you make your products and I truly appreciate the high quality of attention you give to your work.

My girlfriend Shannon and I met you in January and we bought some of your wonderful product- I understand she's already reordered- I would like to get some more of the firming therapy and more of the Colorado Special- two of each and two hydrolats one in lavender and one neroli.

I love your products. My face is almost pore less now. The lines are diminishing and skin seems to be normal as opposed to combination… I especially love the firming therapy, I think I'm addicted to the smell but also love what it does to my skin.

I received my products and they are fabulous and the Shannon Special works like a charm. Let me know when your web site is complete. I am loving the firming therapy, feels like I want to use it all the time, love the smell! Thanks again for being so determined to develop a new product and to deliver the products.

Price: $65.00

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