Exfoliant visage 4oz

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Exfoliant visage 4oz


Imagine a base of luscious/hydrating Aloe Vera Gel with added "pulverized" almonds and a formula of medicinal plant extracts that smell heavenly, gently stripping away dead cells to rejuvenate the skin and allowing new skin to surface.

It will smooth your skin while stimulating the production of collagen, and help reduce those fine lines and/or uneven skin.

This formula was prepared to give your facial skin moisture and elasticity (Aloe) while gently scrubbing away toxins that build up in the skin pores.

The added pulverized almonds provide gentle exfoliation (will not scratch the skin) and the Aloe Gel hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

The general comment on this product is that your skin is left totally moisturized rather than tight and dry.

Used only once a week, this wonderful and gentle face buff will last you about a year.

What people say about the Exfoliant:

"Hey Veroushka,
I need to put it another order for your beautiful Exfoliator, my daughters have appropriated mine. They love it but so do I, so please ship another one along with these products.

"Hola Fleur,
I've been using your products and get compliments on my skin. I particular love the way the Exfoliant leaves my face. It feels so moisturized that I was wondering if I still need to use the firming therapy on the day that I use the Exfoliant. I love the smell!
Thanks for letting me know.

"Dear V,
thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. Just wanted to mention that my friend Mary will be ordering some of your products. She was visiting us and I let her use my Exfoliant because she had forgotten her face scrub. She absolutely loves the way it made her skin feel. I already sent her your products list so I'm sure she will be ordering some of the other skin care too! p.s. She also tried the Rose hydrolat and the firming therapy.
Cheers, Lucy K"

"Hi Veroushka,
No, I don't need anymore Exfoliant, I've been using it once a week as you said and still have more than half the jar left. It's great that the shelf life of your products is so long because I think I will still have some for another 4 months. I will order more Firming Therapy though as I tend to use it twice a day...just because I love it so much. Also love the Serum! So here is my new order:"

"Hello from Winnipeg,
You were absolutely right, I love your products. I cannot believe how amazing the Exfoliant is, and the smell is great! I feel like I don't need to use my Firming Therapy after I use it, it leaves my skin soft, hydrated and doesn't scratch it at all! I love the fact that I only have 4 products for my whole regime, any other products you suggest? I use the Firming Therapy as my day cream and then the Serum at night after I use the cleanser/toner and once a week the Exfoliant and that's it. Simple to follow and great results. Again, thanks so much Veroushka."

"Hello, I don't know if you remember me. I was in your shop back in January. You prepared a special Exfoliant for my skin, which tends to be oily and dry at some spots. I have seen quite an improvement and wanted to also order the Firming Therapy, the Rose Hydrolat, the Serum and I would like to try the Antiseptic Cleanser and Spot Treatment for my daughter. She is 13yrs old and seems to be getting a few breakouts as of late, so I think your products will help prevent any further damage. I am open to any of your suggestions as I have been really satisfied with your products so far. Thank you."

Price: $48.00

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