Eye Therapy 1/4oz

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Eye Therapy 1/4oz


This natural collagen eye cream is designed specifically for the eye area, offering protection from free radicals, gently tightening the skin without losing the moisture.

Marine collagen allows the skin to recover its elasticity while the rest of the formula holds the moisture in and plumps it for a firmer and smoother feel.


What people say about this product:

"I put eye cream around just one eye and after only a few minutes I could see and feel the difference. More tight and soft. I like it!"

"I use the eye cream and serum every night and sometimes I use the eye therapy during the day too. They both make my skin moist and soft and I feel a tightness around the eyes, not drying though. I would like to try your Firming Therapy next, if it’s as good as your other products, I am sold! Thank you for making such truly clean and natural products!"

"Hey Veroushka!
I’ve been back home only a week and my friends are commenting about my skin. They think it’s the suntan but I know because my skin feel moist all the time now without ever being sticky or greasy. I can almost say I have normal skin now...yay! Thanks so much, my favorite product is the Eye Therapy....it’s like instant!"

"Hola Veroushka,
Thank you for your patience and answering all of my questions. Yes, I see how long your products last and that the shelf life is very long too! So I will order a large quantity this time to save up on the shipping. Great special by the way, hope you offer more of these!
In light,
Vanessa G"

Price: $55.00

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