Aloe Vera Cleanser / Toner 125ml


A highly hydrating cleanser/toner made from  a base of Aloe Vera with added medicinal plant extracts to help cleanse and maintain hydration.

For those who realized that soap, no matter how natural, will strip your skin from moisture and natural oils. This formula will cleanse and renew the skin due to the added formula.




What people say about this product:

"Hi there Veroushka,
Just want to let you know that I've received my order and all arrived safely. I am so glad it arrived as I really didn't want to run out of my Aloe cleanser. It has made my skin so totally soft, moist and I don't have those little bumps I used to get before I used it. Now I know to order more of it like I did last time so I don't come close to running out. I don't know what I would do without! Thanks so much for putting a rush on this, next time I won't wait so long."

Price: $32.00

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