The Miracle Formula: Natural First Aid kit 5ml

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  1. Moe says:

    My husband and I use this miracle in a bottle constantly and yes a little goes a long way!! We use it for everything!! We use on airplanes when we travel, on cuts and scrapes, if we feel a cold coming on and my husband had an upper respiratory “thing” and this formula actually helped it from developing into something more serious. Fabulous stuff!!

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The Miracle Formula: Natural First Aid kit 5ml


The little bottle with a punch!  Depending on use this bottle will last you 2-3 years....yes!  years!

This formulation was created primarily as an immune system booster but has many other uses it has become a natural first aid kit to take along everywhere! You will receive a complete list of uses and how to apply the formula. To view the list CLICK HERE.


What people say about this product:

"hi there,
I used the Miracle formula on the plane as you suggested and my bad luck had me sitting beside a couple that were sniffling and coughing the whole trip. I couldn't believe I never got sick! My grand-son also started having a sore throat while visiting me and so we used 1-2 drops and rub on his throat and a few hours later he was just fine and never got the flu or even a cold! Thank you, I look forward to other uses of this miraculous formulation."

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