Cold Sore Relief 4ml

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  1. Gail says:

    This product is AMAZING! At the first sign of a breakout I applied one drop. After dinner I still felt a little tingle so I applied another drop. That was it. The sore never developed.

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Cold Sore Relief 4ml


Another tiny miracle vial to make cold sores disappear quickly and even before looking nasty.

This formula applied on the eruption, will dry it out rapidly.

And when applied as soon as  there is sign of eruption, there won’t be an eruption at all.

This bottle will last you for years. It's made of pure essences which never go bad and since you only use one drop at a time, you will find there are a few hundred drops in each bottle.

Read this article on the Cold Sore Relief and it's effectiveness by clicking the link below:

Cold Sore Relief Article

Other names for Cold Sores: herpes herpeses zoster herpes simplex shingles  mouth sores / sores in mouth canker sore mouth ulcer

Price: $42.00

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