Bugs Off !!! 125ml

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Bugs Off !!! 125ml


" Finally, I get to protect my kids from bugs without any worry !!! "

This is what we hear a lot about this very simple formula made purely of a base of distilled water and 3 plant extracts.

Shake well and spray into the palm of your hand (less wasted) & apply everywhere these little bugs can get ya!

Babies and pregnant women: spray clothing, bedding, hats etc..rather than using directly on the skin.



What people say about this product:

"This Bugs off is awesome~! We were at an outside party in Mexico when a really nice man offered to share his Bugs off....we were sold on the spot, we took the email off the label and now we would like to order some, how do we do it? Thanks"

"Thanks so much Veroushka for letting me try the Bugs off on my two year old, who was covered in bites from head to toe. She is now playing outside, the bugs are out and she's totally happy, they're finally leaving her alone. It was amazing the test that you did and how I actually saw the mosquitoe hover over my leg but never got closer! I highly recommend this very natural, smells great (not citronella...yuck!) and more importantly....it WORKS!"

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