Antiseptic Cleanser / Toner 125ml


Keep your face clear from bacteria causing outbreaks in your skin, with this "as effective as is gentle" formula.

Hamamelis Virginia is the plant used as a base for this product. Alcohol-free ! of course, (although Hamamelis*** does smell a bit like alcohol) it will cleanse the skin from bacteria & toxins that hang out inside the skin pores, without drying the skin and while tightening the pores.

General results are that most people who have used this product, found it to be rapidly effective.

The added extracts help with maintaining moisture and toning the skin.  3 in 1 product.

"** Hamamelis virgiana- improves skin tone, helps restore circulation, soothes inflamed skin and fights broken capillaries. Which hazel works as an astringent and anti-inflammatory and is great for tried, sluggish, oily, dry, and infected skin.


What people say about this product:

"Veroushka, I can't believe how fast the Antiseptic Cleanser has cleared the skin on my chest. Remember it was all bumpy and I had no idea what caused it. It made a lot of sense to me when you explained that by keeping the area clean from bacteria that my skin would go back to normal! Thanks so much! I still love my Firming Therapy by the way and hey! it does go a long way..just like you told me! Thanks again Veroushka. Cheers!"

"Hello Veroushka,
I don't know if you remember me. I came into your shop with my daughter.......she is ecstatic about her new regime and I'm quite surprised at how she disciplined herself to do her routine. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to her the importance of her face hygiene and how to take care of her skin. I hope that we are able to order more of Antiseptic Cleanser, the Spot treatment and the Exfoliant for her. As for me, I also love my Firming Therapy but have enough (goes a long way as you told me) but sure I will need more of the Rose here is my order:..."

Price: $32.00

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