Muscle Ease: Massage in a bottle! 125ml


Keep your back in good shape by using this formula which will keep your muscles warm and relaxed.  it contains ingredients with properties such as muscle relaxant, anti-spasmodic, penetratint, cool, hot, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

AHH.....MASSAGE IN A BOTTLE!  for relaxing your tense muscles without the time & price of going for a massage session


What people say about this product:

"Veroushka, I have been using the "muscle ease" formula on my clients and every one of them is really pleased with how the formula leaves their muscles relaxed and the spasms seem to go away on their own. I used it on my husband after his soccer practice and he said: "she's right to call it massage in a bottle, if feels like I just a complete massage. So thank you for suggesting that I use it in my practice and at home, I did both and had good results! I would like to try your skin care products, right now I need the Hydrolat, whichever you suggest for my skin and also the Firming Therapy sounds great and the serum as well as the exfoliant. My girlfriend Sandy told me she loves all of her products and talked highly of them. Thanks for everything Veroushka and see you at the next workshop!"

Price: $38.00

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