Itch / Rash relief 30ml

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Itch / Rash relief 30ml


Anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, analgesic...You need only a tiny amount for this formula to work effectively. This 30ml bottle seems small but lasts up to 16 months.

Rub/massage a very tiny amount onto affected area for incredible & instant relief!

THE RESULTS FROM THIS FORMULATION ARE TOO MANY TO LIST. If you suffer from rashes, skin irritation, bug bites etc...this is an overall formula for any of these symptoms. It really does work instantly and we back it up with our guarantee!

Should be part of your First Aid kit.


What people say about this product:

"Amazing and instant results! My baby girl who was covered in mosquito bites was so miserable and cranky I didn't know what to do until my friend Marge thought we could try her own Itch Relief that she got from your store and within a couple of minutes I could see the irritated skin calm right down and Gabrielle was happy again. I would like to order 3 of these miraculous little bottles, one I will keep on me at all times, one at home and one for the nanny to keep with her. Thanks so much! Marge told me great things about your products so I'm going to order skin care for myself as well. Love the fact that it's all natural as Marge explained to me that your formulas are kept very simple but are effective."

"I am an M.D. and have had this annoying rash around my thighs for years....using Veroushka's itch relief has made the rash go away in no time and it's so less annoying. I also regularly order and use her Antiseptic Cleanser and Spot Treatment and have never found a natural product with such efficiency. I highly recommend her products and will be trying some of her other skin care now that I've seen the results."

Price: $42.00

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