HYDRATANT corps: Indulge! Special Neroli Formula 125ml



This body lotion has the same ingredients as our regular body lotion but prepared for those who love the scent of Neroli or Orange blossom!

Smooth to apply, spreads easily, absorbs quickly and leave your skin feeling renewed/moisturized and very soft!



What people say about this product:

"Yumyum! I could almost eat this lotion, I just love the smell. I can enjoy smelling Neroli all day without the high cost of buying the essential oil! Yay! And it leaves my skin moist too!"

Hi Veroushka, hope all is well. I just wanted to tell you that I am so enjoying my Neroli body lotion. I get comments all the time about how good I smell and I feel my skin is loving the lotion. Thanks

Price: $38.00

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