This formula is created with the highest quality Shea* and Coconut butters*, all organic of course and preserved with ROE a natural preservative.

*This is one of the few products we add a preservative to because of the oily content. The rest of our products are oil-free.

An extreme formula for extremely dry skin.  Whether your skin was exposed to external extreme conditions and you need healing to your skin from a loss of  moisture and elasticity, or due to hormonal changes, this formula will quench your thirsty skin and return it to normal.  Also check out Hydratant corps ~ hydrating & oil-free.

Here's a personal testimonial: a friend of mine burned her legs pretty bad while on a sailing trip, her skin then started to have the texture of crocodile skin, literally, her skin looked like it had designs on it! I told her to try the Colorado special and after applying it twice a day for about 4 days, she noticed a considerable improvement and after 10 days her skin, to her utter joy, returned to normal. Now she is able to resume using her hydrating & oil-free Hydratant corps.

Price: $58.00

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