Short List of Ingredients

Purity, simpicity & effectiveness !

Our goal at Fleur d’Oranger is to offer effective products with a short list of ingredients.

 THE FORMULAS:  Using no more than 3 to 4 essences in any formulation is a way to be rewarded with positive results. Mixing too many essences along with many other ingredients makes for a much less effective end product. It is confusing for the live elements of each essence and therefore, although they may smell delicious, will not give the same results as a well planned and prepared simpler formula.

THE BASES:    Our bases are also kept simple. By using plant waxes and plant silicone to protect and hydrate the skin, there is no need to use any kind of oil in the base.

Oil becomes rancid. Some oils even go rancid before penetrating through the skin pores.

Oils also send a message to the skin’s sebaceous glands to stop producing our natural oil, causing dry skin.

And finally, most oils will clog up the skin pores, causing an imbalance.


In those products where Shea butter or Coconut oil are used, ONE simple natural preservative is used.

Our products contain natural origin and organic ingredients
♦ Are not tested on animals
♦ Paraben Free
♦ Silicon and Sodium Laureth Sulfate  Free
♦ Oil Free
♦ Colorant Free
♦ Synthetic fragrance Free

A word or two from Veroushka.

I have seen so many products, prepared by people who do not have the level of studies or expertise as I do, mixing up to… 8 essences in one formula!

The soul of the plant is what makes the essence. The hormones, the life of the plant is what makes the essence.

Each individual essence possesses medicinal properties and have a few which overlap with other essences.

They are magical and powerful. And when you have worked with them for as long as I have, you believe you are able to get what they are trying to teach.

Enjoy the ride. When you are open to the power of these plant fairies, they give back.

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