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We are a small family business and our goal is to offer products that have been tried and true over many years before we started thinking of making a website available.

Fleur d’Oranger began with Veroushka studying the benefits of plant extracts and over the years preparing different formulas targeting different ailments with success.

Convinced by her son Micah that she should share her discoveries with the world she began meditating on how to embark on a commercial project while (still) maintaining the integrity of her products.

Veroushka believes in keeping things as uncomplicated and unadulterated as possible and for the last 20 some years of her life has prepared and sold her formulas with great success and without having to add any heavy/chemical preservatives.

She discovered that an oil-free product had a much longer shelf life and so began to research a different way to add hydration and moisture without oil. She soon discovered that plant waxes and plant silicones were the answer.  She also discovered the great benefits these had on the human skin and so it was a double whammy!

For more information go to “the many benefits of oil-free skin care

She is also convinced that the “skin type system” that are used by commercial skin care companies is just another way to sell more products.

She knows that the skin, being our largest organ, reacts to the different internal and external conditions our body is put through so she believes in creating products meant to support and encourage the body’s natural way of rejuvenating itself rather than use harsh chemicals to aggress this function.  Which brings us back to our belief that you don’t need many products, with many ingredients but only a handful of effective ones prepared with simply great ingredients!

2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. sam says:

    Hello, I would like to comment on these products. I have never felt so in touch with what my skin is doing and that is thanks to Veroushka’s philosophy of working on encouraging our own natural healing powers rather than impose a drastic change to our already perfect system. I also have noticed how much fewer ingredients are used to prepare her products and yet they work, they really do and if by chance one product doesn’t suit you, as we are all different, this company will actually take the time to communicate with you and prepare a customized form of the same product without charging you for it!

  2. Hannah Parker says:

    Veroushka’s products are the best! I have been using Firming Therapy, Aloe cleanser and Rejuvenating serum on my face exclusively for the past 4 years and my skin is soft and supple as ever. I appreciate the integrity she has in her business and in the products she makes all by hand. Many other products claim to be “all natural” but they are filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients that are not beneficial for my skin or the earth. I like that all of her products are made fresh to order and all the ingredients have a specific beneficial purpose. My skin loves you Veroushka!

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